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About Kathy Phelps
Medium & Hypnotist

Kathy Phelps is a Medium and a Hypnotist as well as a student of Energy Healing and the Paranormal. Her journey began in 2007, two years after her mother died. As she was trying to cope with grief, a medium helped her begin to heal and started Kathy on her journey. She found that mediumship, energy healing, learning about the paranormal and hypnosis can all help people, not only with grief, but with discovering what they really want to be and do in their life.


Kathy is a lifelong learner who has taken various classes in all of these subjects over the past 20 years. In 2022, she earned the Certificate of Completion for Professional Mediumship Coaching and Mentoring Program after completing a four-year program with International Spirit Artist Joseph Shiel. She is a Certified Professional Hypnotist with the International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists as well as a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner through Work Smart Hypnosis Live. Kathy is currently completing a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent development… 40+ years after she started. Her passion is to show that anyone can accomplish anything they choose at any age!


Kathy currently sees clients by appointment at her Culpeper Virginia office or on Zoom.

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I’ve always been fascinated by all things paranormal and unexplainable. Throughout my life I’ve had glimpses of being psychic and even times when I’ve spoken to relatives or friends who had passed. I can remember being enthralled watching mediums on television 30 years ago and wondering if it was “real”. I desperately hoped there was an afterlife, the other side, but needed more proof. All of that fueled my fascination… but for a long time fear stopped any deeper investigation.

My Mom taught me to believe in everything.

She appreciated all things magical and instilled that wonderful fairy tale mentality in me. It’s only fitting that she started me on my journey to becoming a medium after she died in 2005. She was my best friend. Her death plunged me into a depression that lasted 2 years. I don’t remember a lot about that time except spending my days sitting in silence with my Dad in his living room. I remember being afraid that he would die too. It was comforting to just be with him in the house he and Mom shared.

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Grief is not meant to be our own death.

In 2007 my sister Diane finally persuaded me to do some energy work. I was skeptical but agreed anyway. She did some of the work herself and introduced me to practitioners of different modalities. One day she brought me to a medium, her friend Miranda. During this session, she told me things my sister didn’t even know, things only Mom and I knew, including her final words to me… when only Mom and I were in the ICU. I started crying uncontrollably. It was such a relief to start releasing those two years of deep grief. I felt instantly lighter knowing I could start to move through my grief, rather than stay stuck in it. There was continuity of life. I knew Mom was alright, no longer sick, and still communicating with me. At that moment, I knew I had to help others in grief feel this kind of relief and peace.

What if people think I'm weird?

As I emerged from my depression and started to move through my grief, I knew I had to go deeper. There was more I needed to learn, more I wanted to understand. I started taking classes in everything and reading more about mediumship, the paranormal, and energy healing. I gained several certifications in different modalities, reaching advanced levels in most. I needed to do something with all that training so I started a small healing practice. But what if people thought I was weird or crazy?

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My introduction to Hypnosis

The solution was to offer hypnosis as my normal practice… and the weird stuff to people who believed in it. During this time I was still "in the metaphysical closet". Meaning I was a firm believer but afraid of what others would think. My interest in hypnosis started several years ago when I took my daughter to a hypnotist for a severe phobia of bugs. I attended each session and was very intrigued. It worked like magic after a few sessions. (Now, over 20 years later she is the designated "bug lady" at her school, the one they call to take any creepy bug outside!) Hypnosis was something I wanted to pursue but didn’t take formal training until years later. This was something I knew worked and was accepted as a more “normal” healing modality.

Further Proof

In 2012 my father suffered an unexpected illness. He was very sick for 16 months. During this time, he unknowingly became my next teacher. Dad gave me consistent proof of just how real the afterlife was as he crossed back and forth several times from this side of the veil to the next. His doctors were baffled each time he came back after telling us he had only a matter of hours or days. Each time Dad crossed back and forth he’d bring messages of his conversations with deceased family and friends, giving us details he could not have known otherwise. Loved ones would come to me more often over those 16 months, just to offer comfort, letting me know they were there for me… and for Dad.

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This experience fueled my passion even more.

At one point, Dad was in the ICU, the doctors had called my siblings and I in once again, to say our goodbyes. Dad was seeing many of our relatives that had died years earlier, including Mom. I could feel some of them as I watched Dad speak out loud to them. What happened next was amazing. I leaned over to tell him I had to go somewhere but would be back soon. One of my best friends had died a few days earlier and I was going to the funeral. Dad said “Are you going to see your dead friend?” Stunned, not only that he knew, but the way he phrased it, “dead friend”. I said yes. He replied “Well he’s right here, I’ve been talking to him”. Further proof, further peace of mind. I realized how much I’d let the fear of not being “normal” silence that voice inside urging me to do what I was called to do. I needed to explore even deeper, being a medium really was my passion.

Wonderful Teachers

As I have studied further, I have been blessed to take multiple in depth classes from some wonderfully gifted mediums including Rev. Janet Nohavec, Colin Bates, John Holland, and Tony Stockwell. In 2018 I was accepted into an exclusive mentorship program with Rev. Joseph Shiel, an internationally known medium and Spirit Artist. It is truly a gift to learn from Joe and to be personally mentored by him. I am so grateful to have been accepted into his Coaching and Mentoring Program. Mediumship is a life long journey. I continue to strive to deepen my connection and develop further.

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Discover Your Magic!

My message to you now as you read this, is to consider you are not here by coincidence. Do you feel there’s more to your life, a deeper meaning? Is there something more to explore, something else you want to do or be? Do you want to change something about yourself or your situation? Is it simply time to find more joy in your life? Whatever it is, I encourage you to consider Taking Notice Now…. And Taking Action Now.

Start Your Journey Today!

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