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Sonny's Signs

You are not alone.

Learn about signs from deceased loved ones, read other people’s sign stories, and submit your own. Check back often for new stories added.

So who is Sonny?

In life Sonny was a proud father, a brother, a son, an uncle, a Veteran and a wonderful friend. He was, and still is a kind and loving soul. To me, Sonny was a close high school friend who died suddenly a few months after we reconnected after 30 years. Now he helps me in my work as a medium. He sends me signs, usually when I need them most. For me, this is validation that life does go on. We can continue a relationship with our deceased loved ones, just in a different way.

Dedicated to a Friend

I dedicate Sonny’s Signs to my friend as a place to share sign stories with each other. Tell us about signs you’ve had from your own loved ones on the other side. How have your loved ones shown you they are still with you?

I encourage those who may not feel comfortable telling others about these signs to share them here and read other people’s stories. Sometimes when something happens, we have no doubt in the moment that it was a sign. Later we question it or try to rationalize it. You are not alone in trying to “make sense” of it, but trust yourself and what you felt. Read others sign stories and stay open. These signs are meant to be of comfort and love.

It's not a coincidence that I launched Sonny’s Signs page on August 3rd. That is Sonny’s birthday. Thank you, my friend, for all the signs you continue to send and for helping me in my mediumship.

Share your story

Have you ever had a sign from your deceased loved one? We'd love to hear about it. Please use the button below to submit your sign story. It’ll be posted on this page and you can remain anonymous. Thank you in advance for sharing your stories.

Read More Sign Stories

My personal Sonny sign:

One of my strongest signs from Sonny was not long after his death. At the time we reconnected (after 30 years) my Dad was very ill. We had many conversations about my Dad. Sonny was a sounding board who listened intently & helped me cope. One day as I left Dad’s ICU room, I was yelling at Sonny in my head saying, “why did you leave? I need you to talk to”, etc. As I walked out of the front door of the hospital, right in front of me, in the first parking space was a car with the license plate “SONNY”. I apologized to him in my head and thanked him for reminding me that he’s still there when I need him

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